Engineered Solutions

Custom Components provides over 15 years of experience combined with the design and manufacturing resources of the industry leading companies we represent to serve the unique needs of our customers.  Whether you need a simple off-the-shelf component, an engineered assembly, or a complete turnkey solution, Custom Components, in collaboration with our partners, will deliver an engineered solution. Our process typically involves the following stages of development:

INVESTIGATE:  The first stage is to establish a clear understanding of the customer’s priorities and overall goals.  We review with the customer the key objectives that they want to achieve and help them identify others that they may not have considered.  We familiarize ourselves with the parameters of the project including timeline, budget, application variables and many other critical constraints in order to fully define the goal.

DEVELOP:  Collaborating with our principals, we evaluate the requirements, identify possible challenges and devise a solution with a vision for the final product that meets the key objectives that were established. At this stage, we also try to identify areas where we can uniquely improve their current process or approach.  Possible areas for improvement may be as a result of the advent of new technology or a customer’s lack of knowledge in a particular area.

REFINE:  We review the proposed solution with the customer to insure that their key objectives are met and identify possible others that did not surface or that may have changed after the solution was considered.  Any revisions are addressed at this stage to insure we are proceeding in alignment with an agreed upon vision of what is constitutes a WIN on the project.

DELIVER:  When an engineered solution is delivered, we follow through to support the implementation of the solution.  At this stage we review feedback and identify any areas


Custom Components is proud to represent these excellent manufacturers.